Welcome to TRAVEL ADDICT ARTIST website. 

I am Carina Marva, 30 years old, married and currently residing in the Philippines. And I manage this website.

I decided to start this website because of that one thing that I love ---TRAVELING. I love sharing my travel stories hoping that they could be of help to anyone who reads it, one way or another. And I have basically answered here two questions for myself.

Why do I love to travel? I travel mainly because of leisure. For fun, for relaxation. And honestly, it is that one thing that keeps me sane from the pressures of work. But as I travel more, I have discovered a deeper reason. I love learning other people's culture and understanding it from my own perspective.

Why do I love to tell my stories? I love to tell my stories because sharing makes me happy. My heart feels full knowing that I have helped someone through my experiences. I feel happy.

So I hope you will read all my blogs and will make use of them in your future travels.

Thank you!